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Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Although it’s safe to exercise during pregnancy , there are certain exercise or activities that you have to avoid doing during pregnancy.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

These include:

If you are not sure whether a particular activity is safe or not during pregnancy don’t hesitate to check with your doctor.

Lying on your back, especially after 4th month as the weight of your baby can slow the return of blood to the heart.
Contact sports such as boxing, judo, etc as there is a risk of getting hit
Activities that carry a risk of falling such as basketball, cycling, etc.
Activities that involve jumping or frequent or sudden change of direction such as horseback riding. These may cause stress to your tummy.
Activities that involve excessive stretching such as gymnastics or would cause a lot of up and down movement such as some exercises in aerobics.
Activities which involve bouncing like badminton. Skipping, twisting or hoping is also not advised during pregnancy.
Activities that make you very tired to the point of exhaustion.
Exercising at heights above 2500m sea level until you are adapted or accustomed to that environment.
Exercising outdoors on hot and humid days.
Hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas.

Please do keep in mind that you should talk to your doctor before starting any exercise during pregnancy. Your doctor may ask you to avoid exercise if you have any one of the medical complications such as risk factors for preterm labour, vaginal bleeding or premature membrane rupture.

Exercise for a fitter pregnancy, drink lots of water and pay close attention to your body for any warning signs.

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