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Encouraging self feeding in Your Toddler Why and When

Encouraging self feeding in Your Toddler Why and When

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By now, your kid might have attempted self-feeding by grabbing finger foods. Your kid will be much more in control over himself or herself and at this age and can use a spoon and other utensils.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

These signs suggest that it’s time for you to encourage self-feeding in your toddler. Although self-feeding is a slow and a messy process, it is one of the big steps in your child’s life.

Why Encourage Self-feeding?

Encourage self-feeding in your child, as it will help your child to:

You can encourage self-feeding in your child, once you observe that your child can grasp objects with his or her palm, thumb or forefinger, swallow foods other than liquids and hold spoon and bring it to mouth.

Achieve a sense of control (whether or not to eat, what to eat and how much to eat)

Learn body internal cues that help them understand whether they are hungry or full

Practice feeding techniques

Learn how to feed themselves

Encourage your child’s self-feeding in a right way by providing him or her ample opportunities to practice this skill. Provide help when necessary. Resist the urge to slip in an extra bite when you are teaching him to control his or her spoon/hand. Watch for signs to know when your child is hungry and when he or she is full.

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