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Encouraging Humour in your Child

Encouraging Humour in your Child

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Encouraging humour in your toddler’s life is one way to make him/her emotionally and socially fit.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

A good sense of humour can help your child:

To be spontaneous in nature

Develop wide perspectives other than the most obvious

Contribute towards playful objects of life

Take things lightly

Humour: An acquired trait

Toddlers above the age of 2 years start developing imagination and link it to their fancy dream world. Thus, imagination, understanding of language and real world together creates sense of humour in your toddler. Toddlers enjoy physical humour, such as peek-a-boo or an unexpected tickle.

Surprisingly, humour is not a part of genetic makeup, but it is a learned quality, which can be developed in your toddler.

You can encourage your child to develop a good sense of humour in following ways:

While you encourage humour in your child, set a limit to your kid and discourage him or her to laugh on mean spirited or off-colour jokes.

Be a humour model: Laugh out loud with your kid while telling jokes and funny stories. Thus, portray yourself as a humour model in front of your kid.

Pay attention to your kid’s humour: Cheer your child’s effort of making you laugh when he reads a joke from a book or draws a funny picture.

Create a humour-rich environment: Inspire your kid to read funny books and check out funny TV shows and movies with him or her.

Make everyday humorous: Encourage your child to share
funny moments and thus make each day humorous and fun-filled.

Good sense of humour helps your kid to stay happy and socially and emotionally fit.

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