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Eating for two How true is it

Eating for two How true is it

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The Advice

Now that you are pregnant, the most common advice you get will be “eat for two.”

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

The Question

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is most important now than ever, however the question is “should you eat twice as much now that you are pregnant?”

The Answer is NO!

The truth is that your body requires more calories, protein, iron, calcium and folic acid than you required before pregnancy. This is to help support the growth and development of your baby.However, it does not mean that you should double your food intake. You should nevertheless ensure that you eat enough to meet yours and your baby’s daily requirements.

Eating for two does not mean eating twice as much. Eating for two means to consume enough nutrients to take care of your and your baby’s daily requirements of different nutrients

Strike a Balance

It is important that you strike a balance and eat right so that you achieve a healthy weight gain.

Eating too much during pregnancy can end up resulting in an excessive amount of weight. Excess weight gain during pregnancy can put you at risk forgestational diabetes
(diabetes during pregnancy),high blood pressureand other complications. It may also result in
a longer labour and more difficult delivery or even a caesarean birth.

Gaining too little weight can affect your baby’s growth.

Ensure proper nutrition for you and your baby

Eating right amounts and planning your meals smartly can help you ensure proper nutrition for you and your baby.

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