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Disciplining Your Toddler Dos and Donts

Disciplining Your Toddler Dos and Donts

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Disciplining your toddler is one of the most important things you need to do as a parent. However, you need to reinforce it with patience and compassion. Never ever threaten or yell at your child while disciplining.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Disciplining Your Toddler: Do’s

Below are certain points that might help you to keep your child in the right path.

Whatever tactics you apply to discipline your child be consistent. See that rules remain the same from day to day.

Make your Kid Learn the Difference Between Socially Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Behaviours: This is the time when toddlers learn the accepted rules of behaviour, begin learning values, etc. Reward your child for good behaviour and introduce time-out technique for negative behaviour.

Make your Kid Treat Others with Respect: Make your kid to respect others feeling and be sensitive to others. Teach them that one should treat others with respect.

Eliminate Temptations From your Kids Reach: Provide him or her opportunity to do only right things by not surrounding with things he or she is not allowed to touch or use. Store medicationsand other items like jewellery, etc. which might cause choking in a safe place. By eliminating temptations, you are actually minimizing his or her chances of getting into trouble.

Time-out Technique:If your kid is 2–3 years old, and you need to take a harder step, time-out technique can be a good option.

Disciplining Your Toddler: Don’ts

Do Not Undermine your Authority by Imposing Empty Threats. For example, if your child is not leaving the park, do not say that you are going to leave him or her there. This is because the first time you say, he or she will be scared. However, the next time he won’t believe you. Imposing empty threats only aggravates unmanageable behaviour.

Avoid Hitting your Kid: If your child misbehaves or heads towards a dangerous play object, give him or her firm “no”. You can even take your child away from that place. Toddlers have short attention spans, so he will probably be happy to move on. However, never hit or slap your child. This might teach a wrong lesson that it’s OK to hit someone when you are angry.

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