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Diapers Different Types

Diapers Different Types

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When it comes to your baby’s diapers, you don’t have much choice on the types as diapers are of only two types: disposable and cloth diapers. However, you have plenty of choices on which brands to use.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Disposable Diapers

Although costlier than cloth diapers, disposable diapers are the most convenient diapers. They come in numbers of styles, size and brands. Moreover, laundering is also not required.

However, they have got some disadvantages such as disposable diapers are costlier than cloth diapers, have risk of diaper rash, if left for long hours and they create a lot of extra garbage.

How to Use a Disposable Diaper?

If you want to save on the diaper cost, use cloth diapers when your baby is awake. Use disposable diapers during night-time or whenever your baby is sleeping to prevent leakage.

  • While using disposable diapers, the first step is to open the diaper. Then, gently lift your baby’s legs and feet and slide the diaper under your baby. 
    The part with the adhesive strips should be about the level with your baby’s bellybutton.
  • Next, bring the front part of the diaper between your baby’s legs and onto his or her belly and then bring the adhesive strips around and fasten
    it comfortably.

Be careful so that you don’t end up sticking the tape onto your baby’s skin. You also get disposable diapers that can simply be used as undergarment 
and slipped on.

Cloth Diapers

Although most parents choose disposable diapers because of their convenience, some parents opt for cloth diapers also as they are more affordable. 
Like disposable diapers, they also come in various shapes and sizes.

  • Traditional cloth diapers usually come pre-folded or in a square and require pinning
  • More modern types are fitted like disposable diapers.

How to Use a Cloth Diaper?

In case of traditional cloth diapers, the most common way is the triangular fold. The method of using includes the following:

  • Fold the square diagonally into half that forms a triangle; then, place your baby in the diaper by gently lifting your baby’s feet and legs. You need to place the longest side of the triangle behind your baby’s back with the opposite end pointing down towards the feet.
  • Bring the front part of the diaper up between your baby’s legs and on to his or her belly while bringing the other two sides around so it overlaps the center part.
  • Finally, fasten all three parts together with a safety pin.

You can also experiment with various diaper folding techniques that soak up really well.

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