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Dealing with tiredness during pregnancy

Dealing with tiredness during pregnancy

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You may experience tiredness or fatigue, especially during early and late pregnancy. But, don’t worry, it is normal. It indicates that your body is preparing for major changes to come.

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Your tiredness may be due to increased progesterone levels, increased work load on heart and other organs (to help increase blood volume), additional weight of the baby, or psychological stress.

Other reasons such as frequent urination, difficulty in sleeping, heartburn and late night cramps in leg can keep you from having a good night’s sound sleep and can also be the reason for your tiredness.

You can deal with tiredness or fatigue during pregnancy by:

Including iron rich foods such as poultry, green leafy vegetables and protein foods such as milk, beans and fish can help prevent excessive fatigue during pregnancy.

  • Eating a healthy diet and including adequate iron and protein in your diet.
  • Ensuring adequate fluid intake during the day. However, avoid water before 2–3 hours of the bedtime so that you don’t have to keep getting up to use the restroom during the night-time
  • Taking your last meal 2–3 hours before your bedtime so as to prevent heartburn
  • Stretching your leg muscles before bedtime can help you avoid night-time cramps
  • Engaging in at least 30 minutes walk or moderate exercise help you feel energised. Do make sure you consult your doctor before doing so
  • Using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing.
  • Avoiding stressful events or situations, taking a nap during the day or frequent breaks while at work, going to bed early can also help you relax and feel better.
  • Lying on your left side and using pillows for support such as behind your back, placed between your knees might also help.

If tiredness continues even after adequate rest and persists well into the second trimester of the pregnancy or if you experience sudden fatigue and you are depressed or worried, speak to your doctor.

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