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Dealing with Small Cuts and Bruises

Dealing with Small Cuts and Bruises

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Minor cuts, scrapes and bruises are part of childhood days. Usually, kids get cuts or bruises by:

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Sharp objects such as furniture corners, scissor, knife, etc

Falling down

Biting by an animal or another young kid.

Avoid using antiseptic solutions for cleaning minor cuts as it may cause skin irritation.

If the cut is small and shallow and stops
bleeding then it can be considered as a minor cut. Common childhood injuries like minor cuts and bruises are not severe and can be easily taken care of with few home remedies:

At first, rinse the wound thoroughly with water to clear out dirt and debris.

Wash the wound again using a mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply an antibacterial ointment in that wounded area.

Now cover the wound with a sterile adhesive bandage or sterile gauze.

Apply a cold compress or ice pack on any bumps or bruises.

Check the wound daily and change the bandage if it is wet or damaged. Once the wound forms a scab, bandage is not required.

Seek your doctor’s help if the wound is red, swollen, tender, warm, or draining pus.

It is impossible to make your child sit calm and quiet all the time; however, certain preventive measures can help to avoid these minor injuries:

Do not let your child to play with sharp objects.

Try to keep your child away from animals.

Do not allow your child barefoot while playing outside.

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