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Dealing with Mouth Injuries

Dealing with Mouth Injuries

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Kids often fall down while they are busy exploring new things. Falls are the major cause of accidental injuries among children. Mouth injuries are frequent in children. Mouth injuries can include a cut or puncture to the lips, tongue, inner cheeks, floor or roof or back of the mouth.

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Types of Mouth Injuries

An injury to lips can be due to a fall, resulting in cuts to the upper or lower lips of kid. If the wound is severe, it affects deeper tissues of the lip, such as muscles, nerves, or blood vessels.

In case of mouth injury, avoid pulling the injured lip to inspect the wound as it can increase bleeding.
Give your child a popsicle or ice cube to suck on as it will help stop bleeding and relieve the pain.

When a child falls with a pointed object such as pencil or tooth brush in the mouth it causes severe wound in the back of the throat and soft palate.

Tongue wound usually occurs after an accidental bite during eating or a fall.

Most of the mouth injuries heal without stitches. However, you should consult the doctor immediately in case of:

Non-stop bleeding

Gaping wounds

Cuts through the border of the lip

Injury to the back of the throat or palate

Wounds with severe pain and difficulty breathing or swallowing

How to handle mouth injuries at home?

Apply pressure on cuts using a clean cloth or gauze wet with cold water for up to 15 minutes.

Rinse your child’s mouth with warm water after meals to wash away foods to avoid foods from sticking on the cut.

Avoid spicy, salty or citrus foods such as lime or oranges until the cut heals completely. Give your child bland foods during this time.

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