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Dealing with a Hyperactive Child

Dealing with a Hyperactive Child

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Children are always blessed with abundant energy level because of which they are always active. Being active is in fact, a state of good health and is normal for their age. The problem arises when your child seems to be unusually active or hyperactive and is unable to sit and finish a task assigned to him/her that other children typically are able to complete.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Here are some of the ways that will help you deal with a hyperactive child:

Try and calm your child down

Keep in mind that transforming your child’s behaviour in a day is next to impossible. So, you can start by asking your child to sit still for a short time say 5 minutes and then increasing the time. If your child meets your expectations, reinforce the behavior by rewarding him or her with treats or a trip to a movie.

Let your child play

Take your child to a nearby park, a playground or any other safe open space where he or she can run around and use up their energy. Keeping your child mostly at home is really not a good idea.

Avoid giving foods which are contains sugar and caffeine such as cold drinks, tea and coffee as they can trigger hyperactive behaviour in your child.

Spend time with your child and understand him

Set aside some time from your busy schedule for your child and give full attention to him or her at that time

Take stock of your child’s nutrition

Include high fiber foods in your child’s diet that stabilise blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar can limit adrenaline rush which otherwise may be responsible for making your toddler hyperactive.

Set up a daily routine

Set up a structure or routine such as bedtime routine or preparation for school in your child’s day. Setting up a proper structure or routine can help as your child will know what to expect next and can help reduce anxiety and restlessness.

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