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Dealing with choking

Dealing with choking

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Choking is not a pleasant topic to read about, but it is definitely one of the most frightening situations to encounter. Being a prudent mother, you need to know how to recognise and handle it in case your child experiences it.

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Choking can be a life-threatening medical emergency. When a child is choking, it indicates that an object is lodged in the child’s small airway.

If a child starts choking, becomes unconscious and stops breathing:

Seek for medical help immediately

Avoid patting the child on the back

Refrain from removing the object from child’s mouth

Your child may be choking if he or she gasps for air, is unable to talk, cry, or make noise, turns blue in the face, waves his or her arms in panic or becomes unconscious.

If a child is able to breathe and talk while gagging or coughing, then the airway is not blocked. However, it is important to monitor the child’s activities. It is recommended to
learn some basic techniques (like abdominal thrusts) from your family physician to manage the situation at home.

Prevention is always better than cure

So, here are some tips to minimise your toddler’s risk of choking:

Avoid foods such as grapes, nuts, hard candy and popcorn that may stuck in child’s airway and cause choking.

Ensure your kid takes small bites and don’t talk or laugh while eating.

Toddlers often put things in to their mouth. Household items such as coins, beads, small toy parts, and batteries can increase choking hazards. Keep these items out of child’s reach.

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