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Dealing with Burns

Dealing with Burns

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Burn injuries are very scary; and when it comes to children, it is potentially hazardous for them. In children, most of the burn injuries take place either due to hot water or other hot liquids.

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Depending on the severity of the burn, it is identified as:

First-degree burn: The mildest of three, with redness, pain, and minor swelling

Second-degree burn: More serious, with blisters, severe pain and redness

Third-degree burn: Most serious, involves all the skin layers and underlying tissue, and damages nerve

Child’s skin is more sensitive and burns more easily. Do not panic when your child has mild burn injuries

Here are some basic first aid tips:

Take out clothing from burned area except the clothing stuck to skin.

Allow cool water to run over the burn until the pain reduces; however, avoid ice-cold water.

Avoid applying butter, grease, or any other remedies to the burned area, as these increase the chance of infection.

Put a light gauze bandage for next 24 hours but avoid using adhesive bandages as it can
stick on to burned area.

Give paracetamol for reducing the pain according to the dosage instructions on the label. If required, consult doctor before giving the medicine.

While you wait for the doctor:

Burn injuries can be life threatening. If the burn injury is severe, follow the below steps until doctor attends your child.

Make your child lay down by raising the burned area

Avoid breaking any blisters

Run cool water over the area for at least 3—5 minutes, and then wrap the burned area with a clean dry cloth until doctor attends

You should contact your doctor in case the burn is due to a fire, an electrical wire or socket or chemicals, has affected face, hands, feet, joints or genitals or the burn area has infections.

As a parent you should be alert and keep your child away from hot water or liquids such as tea, coffee, fires, electrical gadgets and chemicals to prevent burn injuries.

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