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Dealing with a Broken Tooth

Dealing with a Broken Tooth

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Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and you have to be prepared. Tooth injuries are the most common injuries among kids. Child’s tooth injuries mostly occur due to sudden falls or during playing.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Stopping a child from playing will not help you to put a stop to injuries. Hence, ensure your child wears mouth guards and protective gears during sporting activities such as cycling and skating.

Things to do quickly when your toddler suffers from a gum/ teeth injury:

Apply pressure to the affected area with a piece of cold and wet gauze. Let him or her bite on the gauze to apply pressure.

To reduce swelling, it is recommended to offer the child a cold popsicle to suck.

To reduce the pain, you can give acetaminophen or ibuprofen, paracetamol; however, do ask your doctor before administering any medicine.

Seek help from dentist to evaluate the necessity for realignment or removal of a very loose tooth. Sometimes, a spacer is recommended by dentist to keep the rest of the teeth in place for young children.

Monitor the child over the week for indications of an abscess such as fever and swollen, tender gums next to the affected area.

Making your house child proof will help reduce the risk of falls and mouth injuries.

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