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Dealing with Bone Injuries

Dealing with Bone Injuries

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Bone injuries can occur during toddlerhood. Although child’s bones are more flexible than adults, too much pressure can result in bone injuries. Bone injuries need immediate medical attention.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

In case of open break (bone protrudes through the skin) with severe bleeding, as a first aid, apply pressure on the bleeding area with a gauze pad and take your child to the doctor immediately.

Signs and Symptoms

A toddler may not be able to tell about his/her bone injury, but you can suspect a possible broken bone if there is:

Grinding noise during injury

Swelling, bruising, and tenderness of
the affected area

Difficulty in moving the injured part

Pain in the injured part while moving, being touched, or bearing weight

Quick actions to be taken if your child has a bone injury:

Put an ice pack right away in the affected area.

Avoid moving the injured body part.

Contact your doctor immediately.

Make the child lying down until doctor arrives

If your child needs to be moved, apply splints around the injured body part to prevent further injury

In case surgery is required, do not permit the child to eat

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