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Comprehensive baby care for Winters

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While the baby is in the mother’s womb, she is protected and remains unaffected by changes in the environment. Once the baby is born, she gradually starts adapting to the outside world. Her body temperature and functioning of various organs get equipped to the surroundings.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Hygiene demands vary with seasons: Seasonal changes like variations in temperature, humidity and airflow are reflected in the external environment. These changes bring about behavioural/reproductive changes in various organisms and microorganisms. Climate also affects the transmission of several virus/bacteria. Mosquitoes and various other bugs are more active in warm weather as compared to winters. Because of this, every season is different when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

Take special care of newborn babies: Newborn babies are delicate and vulnerable to seasonal changes. Proper care is necessary to protect them from climatic adversities. Some of these seasonal changes and ways to manage baby care during these changes are discussed below.


Some parts of India experience pleasant weather during winters. However, most areas become extremely cold due to drastic drop downs in temperature. Babies and elderly people are most susceptible to the adverse affects of cold. Keeping your baby warm in this season can be quite a challenge as they are more prone to diseases like cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and fever.

Keep your baby cozy with warm clothing: Cover your baby with adequate warm clothing while going out and even at home. Do not over-dress your baby, otherwise she may feel stuffed and suffocated. Generally, you should cover your baby in just one extra layer of clothing than what you are wearing. But caps, mittens or gloves and socks should be kept on as much as possible. In winters, babies tend to urinate more often and you may need to change their diapers more frequently. So be watchful.

Room heaters and care : Winters can be rough on anyone, care should be taken to choose the right kind of room heaters which does not cause dryness. Take care so as to not expose the baby to direct heat. Make sure that you make the room warm before you bring your baby especially post bathing her. Avoid keeping room heaters switched on throughout the night .

Watch the food temperature: The temperature of food being served to your baby should be watched. The food should neither be too hot nor too cold. In an effort to give your baby hot foods/beverages to keep her warm, you may just end up causing inflammation of her gastro-intestinal mucus. Food should be slightly warmer than the room temperature.

Winter friendly food options: Keep your baby away from cold foods like ice creams, frozen yogurt, ice etc. to prevent cold, cough and sneezing. In order to boost your baby’s immune system for fighting against infections, give plenty of fresh fruits of various colours. During winters thirst reduces. So you should ensure that your baby’s water intake remains optimum so as to prevent dehydration.


Turn your kid to a baby of all seasons.

Every season is worth a lot of fun and enjoyment. Every season brings with it a lot of different colours and moods. Maintaining proper hygiene, paying attention to eating habits, providing appropriate clothing and taking small precautions can ensure your baby’s smooth sail through seasonal shifts.

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