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Comprehensive baby care for Monsoons

Comprehensive baby care for Monsoons

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While the baby is in the mother’s womb, she is protected and remains unaffected by changes in the environment. Once the baby is born, she gradually starts adapting to the outside world. Her body temperature and functioning of various organs get equipped to the surroundings.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Hygiene demands vary with seasons: Seasonal changes like variations in temperature, humidity and airflow are reflected in the external environment. These changes bring about behavioural/reproductive changes in various organisms and microorganisms. Climate also affects the transmission of several virus/bacteria. Mosquitoes and various other bugs are more active in warm weather as compared to winters. Because of this, every season is different when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

Take special care of newborn babies: Newborn babies are delicate and vulnerable to seasonal changes. Proper care is necessary to protect them from climatic adversities. Some of these seasonal changes and ways to manage baby care during these changes are discussed below.


Come monsoons and you find moisture and dampness everywhere. Climate becomes sticky due to increased levels of humidity in the atmosphere.

Proper vaccination prevents disease: This season is a fertile breeding ground for pathogens and they grow and multiply at a much higher and faster rate than in any other season. This also increases the susceptibility of babies to infections like conjunctivitis, flu, pneumonia, typhoid , other water and food borne illnesses. Getting your baby duly vaccinated can prevent a large number of diseases. Completely restrict contact of your baby with anyone having any communicable disease.

Maintain sanitation and baby hygiene: During this season, maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation is of vital importance. Help your baby to clean hands properly before and after every meal, play and toilet visit. Bathe your baby daily, so as to prevent any bacterial or pathogenic growth over the body. Watch your baby closely as she crawls and discourage her from putting dirty fingers in her mouth. If your older baby goes out to play, encourage bathing twice a day, once in the morning and second time after returning from outdoors. 

Loose and clean clothing for your baby: Make your baby wear loose, cotton clothes, which provide enough air passage. Wash clothes in a mild detergent and rinse them in a disinfectant, if possible. If your baby has begun to walk, get proper covered shoes or boots for her. Make sure you have enough dry clothes for your baby. Moisture should be completely dried from all your baby’s clothes before you dress/ change your baby especially in the case of cloth diapers as it may cause rashes.

Keep a check on humidity: Make sure that you choose appropriate dehumidifiers to keep a check on excess of humidity. As excessive humidity may cause damp spots in your home , which might lead to infections.

Safety measures at home during monsoons: Monsoon time calls for high levels of hygiene in the house. You can ensure optimum safety and well being of your baby by putting into practice, the following safety measures:

Use purified water for cooking and drinking: Use boiled and cooled water for drinking. Use filtered water for cooking, kneading the dough and for washing vegetables, fruits, meats, pulses and rice. Clean vegetables and fruits thoroughly before use. Clean green leafy vegetables several times over in running filtered/boiled water and steam them to get rid of any germs and bacteria.

Check food for freshness before feeding your baby: Food given to babies should also be closely watched for any signs of staleness or infestation. Always keep raw meat and fish products in refrigerator or freezer. Do not keep them at room temperature for long as bacterial growth increases rapidly during hot and humid weather. Do not refreeze once the meats have thawed.

Maintain high levels of cleanliness: Ensure proper sanitation in and around your house. Get pest control done for your house and get the house disinfected periodically. Use mosquito nets/repellants to protect your baby from mosquito bite borne diseases.

Turn your kid to a baby of all seasons.

Every season is worth a lot of fun and enjoyment. Every season brings with it a lot of different colours and moods. Maintaining proper hygiene, paying attention to eating habits, providing appropriate clothing and taking small precautions can ensure your baby’s smooth sail through seasonal shifts.

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