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Comprehensive baby care for Spring

While the baby is in the mother’s womb, she is protected and remains unaffected by changes in the environment. Once the baby is born, she gradually starts adapting to the outside world. Her body temperature and functioning of various organs get equipped to the surroundings.

Hygiene demands vary with seasons: Seasonal changes like variations in temperature, humidity and airflow are reflected in the external environment. These changes bring about behavioural/reproductive changes in various organisms and microorganisms. Climate also affects the transmission of several virus/bacteria. Mosquitoes and various other bugs are more active in warm weather as compared to winters. Because of this, every season is different when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

Take special care of newborn babies: Newborn babies are delicate and vulnerable to seasonal changes. Proper care is necessary to protect them from climatic adversities. Some of these seasonal changes and ways to manage baby care during these changes are discussed below.


Mid February to April is marked by colours brightening our lives and flowers blooming all around us. This season is more easy-going for babies as compared to other seasons in India. However, some precautions are a must to ensure the well being of your baby.

Vaccination prevents infection: Spring is also the time when pathogens begin to multiply faster, so you need to maintain proper hygiene for your baby. Get your baby vaccinated to prevent illnesses like cold, cough, flu, chickenpox, measles etc.

Keep a check on allergies: Spring is a wonderful season, all around you see flowers blooming. This is also the time when your baby can get allergies from pollen’s as it’s a seasonal allergy. Incidence of your baby getting allergy is high on warm, dry and brezzy days as the count of pollen is high during these days. So avoid taking your baby out a lot during these days,

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene: Take care that your bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and other surroundings are clean. Drinking water must be purified to make it safe for consumption.

Keep your baby hydrated: The risk of dehydration is also high during this season, so make sure that your baby remains well hydrated.

Suitable clothing according to temperature: Gradually cut down on the layers of your baby’s clothing, as winter fades away. Take her out and let her enjoy the soothing warmth of the sun without any worries.

Turn your kid to a baby of all seasons.

Every season is worth a lot of fun and enjoyment. Every season brings with it a lot of different colours and moods. Maintaining proper hygiene, paying attention to eating habits, providing appropriate clothing and taking small precautions can ensure your baby’s smooth sail through seasonal shifts.

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