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A complete guide to potty train your baby

A complete guide to potty train your baby

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The greatest achievement for parents is to cultivate good culture and behaviour in their babies so that they become socially acceptable and loved by all. The joy of watching your baby grow through the different stages of her life is unexplainable. Apart from inculcating good culture and behaviour in our baby, you also need to develop some healthy habits in her.For a parent, it never feels like a task to teach her all across her life. But there is one lesson that every parent likes to impart and to get over with as early as possible. It is potty training.Here are some quick pointers to guide you through the process of potty training your baby.

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Adaptability & readinessThe first step towards successful potty training is to assess if your baby is ready for potty training. Once your baby is ready approximately by the age of one year by herself to be potty trained, it takes you much less time to potty train her. This is always better and more effective than forcefully training her.

:Getting her accustomed to the seat: When your baby girl is ready, introduce her to the potty seat. A good way is to let her watch the older sibling use it. This way she is going to understand gradually how to use it to her convenience. All this while she is going to continually need your guidance and encouragement. Once she gets to know the use of the seat, you can gradually encourage her to use it. If she resists, wait for a while and try it again after a few days.

Getting acquainted with the seat.Give your baby girl her time to get acquainted to the potty seat.After you have bought your baby the seat, let her use it as much as she wants. Let her play with it, sit on it or take it around. This helps her in getting familiarized with it. After gaining enough acquaintance, your baby is not going to resist using the potty seat.

Making her learn playfully. Ask her to take her doll or her favourite teddy to the seat and make them relieve themselves. Show her how to clean them after they are done.This helps your baby girl in learning the process in a more engaging manner. After a while, try to do the same with her.

Developing hygiene:It is very important to teach your baby girl the right way to clean up. They need to be washed and wiped up from front to back so as to prevent any infection in their genitals. They may not be able to clean and wipe themselves up until the age of 4-5 years. Mothers need to do it for them each day and make them learn to do it themselves.

Training her for bowel movements: Initially your baby girl may resist passing her bowel while sitting on the potty seat.Get her some books to flip through,or play an engaging game or simply talk to her while she is at it. You can also get her a stool to support her legs. Often, babies relieve themselves before bathing. Make sure she sits on the seat to ease herself before going for the bath. Gradually, develop this into a routine.

Setting a toilet routine: You can take her to the toilet every morning, after she wakes up, to ease herself. Take her to toilet and encourage her to use it after every 2-3 hours. Give her some time on the seat to get done with the process. Make her use the potty seat before bathing. Also take her to toilet before going to bed. You can use diapers during night initially until you are prepared take the baby to toilet after every 3-4 hours during nightand also until your baby begins to spend 3-4 hours in a dry diaper at night.

Guiding your baby girl to a successful potty training.

You have to deal with this phase very patiently. Encourage your baby a lot and on every success, appreciate her. On failure, do not be critical. Demonstrate hertheright place and the right way to perform the toilet task. Enough encouragement and patience on your part helps your baby girl get potty trained much quickly and easily.

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