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Coaching your Family to Take Care of the Toddler

Coaching your Family to Take Care of the Toddler

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Being a mom to a toddler is a 24x7 job which can drain you physically and mentally. You definitely need a help!

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

What can be better than a willing family?

While you encourage your elder one to watch over his/her toddler sibling, make sure that you clearly communicate dos and don’ts of handling the little sibling. For example elder one should not be allowed to feed the toddler on his own.

Here is how to get your family members involved in taking care of your toddler:

You are fortunate if you have support of your toddler’s grandparents. They can supervise
your toddler’s activities, tell stories, and share memories. Allow your toddler to sleep with the granny once in a while if he/she is comfortable. Grandparents can also help by dropping or picking the child from his preschool.

Fathers can baby sit the toddler for a few hours every day or for longer hours on weekends. Your husband can help by feeding the baby, taking him for a drive or to the park alone.

The biggest help from an elder sibling is if he can manage his own things independently. He can definitely lend support by engaging the sibling in interactive games, painting together but in presence of an adult.

Family members can be involved in the daily chores like folding clothes, cleaning up after meals, bringing in the groceries etc.

A little help from your family members not only makes baby care easy but also build a family bond.

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