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Choosing the caregiver for your baby

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If you are returning to work after your maternity leave, the thought about your baby’s safety may be of a major concern. Deciding the right caregiver for your baby is often a mammoth task especially for a mother in a nuclear family.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Factors deciding your choice.

You should do a background check before deciding upon the right care-giver for your baby. Do look into some practical measures like identity verification, the person’s previous track record in handling babies, her physical and mental health etc.

Identity verification.It’s important to go for the identity verification for your care-giver. You can ask for her valid ID card, take help of service providing agencies, go for police verifications, do a personal check etc. Just be sure about her real identity.

Ask for previous employer s referral. This helps you in understanding the rapport the care-giver shared with the employer. This in turn helps you in deciding whether or not you want to hire her.

Physical and mental health. Be sure to check on the mental and physical health of the care-giver. Both these are crucial factors in baby-care in order to avoid the risks of infections and illness in your baby. Arrange a medical check-up for her with the help of the agency. You can cross-check it with your doctor.

Personal hygiene. Since the care-giver is spending a lot of time with your baby, it’s important that she is sincere about her personal hygiene. Otherwise, your baby is at a slightly higher risk to catch infection.

Education. The care-giver should be educated enough to at least read and understand the label names of medicines and baby food. Also if the care-giver is educated enough she is able to read to your baby, which in turn encourages your baby to read and talk.

Time for bonding. Time is a crucial factor in developing bonding and mutual trust. It is a good idea to hire your care-giver at least two months before you plan to entrust your baby totally with her. This helps in developing mutual trust between you and the care-giver as well as help your baby get used to her.

Baby instincts. Always look out and trust the signs of acceptance or rejection in the baby for the care-giver. Initially it may take your baby a little while to mingle with her. However, if she is not comfortable or happy with the care-giver even after spending some considerable time with her, consider replacing her.

Keep her under watch. Give surprise visits to home at times like for lunch after a few days, or just for a cup of tea.

Neighbours and security can help. Keep your neighbours and security staff at the apartment and the locality informed about the care-giver. This is just to ensure the safety of your baby as well as your house.

Share your expectations. Clarity and communication help. Explain the responsibilities to the care-giver as that would make the task easier for her. This also helps her in accomplishing her tasks more efficiently.

You may feel a little odd entrusting your baby to someone else’s care. This is mostly a motherly concern. In case you have already taken all the necessary measures and precautions there is nothing to worry. Still, occasional visits and calls make you feel better.

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