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Childproofing Your Kitchen

The kitchen apart from being the heart of a house is also one of the most dangerous areas for your child. It is dangerous because it harbours the most unsafe items in the house, such as knives, breakables such as glasses, hot things such as cooking stove, ovens, etc. You need to also childproof your entire home and most importantly your bathroom  to keep your child safe.

Here are some of the ways by which you can childproof your kitchen:

You can keep one drawer unlocked and filled with safe goods such as plastic containers, plates etc.. Choose a drawer that is not close to the stove. However, keep an eye when the drawer is being closed.

  • Keep knives, scissors and forks in locked drawers. Sharp edged utensils should also be treated like knives and should be kept in locked drawers.
  • Remember to keep breakables such as glassware and dishes in locked drawers.
  • Keep cleaning products such as bleach, detergents and any other toxic household chemicals locked up in drawers.
  • Make sure that you keep plastic bags, the most common item found in one’s kitchen, locked in the drawer.
  • Ensure that you turn off appliances like toasters , gas  cylinders and stove, when not in use. Avoid keeping such items in the edges.
  • Keep hot foods or dishes and hot liquid away from the edges of tables.
  • Make sure that you wipe up any water spills in the kitchen immediately to prevent your child from slipping.

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