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Checkup at one month

Checkup at one month

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It is very important to take your baby to her doctor when she turns one month. Before you go for the visit, have a thorough understanding of what is going to happen there. This will help you utilize the time you spend there.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

The examination.

Your baby will be weighed and measured for length and head circumference

Your baby’s belly button area will be checked for proper healing. If your male baby was circumcised, your doctor will examine his genitals, as well

Your doctor may check your baby’s eyesight and hearing

Your doctor will discuss health concerns, as well as developmental milestones

Your doctor may ask about your baby’s feeding and sleeping habits

Your baby’s growth.

At each checkup, your doctor will measure your child’s length, weight and head circumference, plotting her development in percentiles. What’s most important isn’t exactly how much your baby weighs but that she continues to grow in a steady way. Length for 1-month-old babies usually ranges from 45 cms (10th percentile) to 51cms (90th percentile). Weight usually ranges from 3.2 kgs (10th percentile) to 4.8 kgs (90th percentile).

Questions you may have for your doctor.

physical growth and coordination

speech and language



emotional state

day care


Questions the doctor may ask.

How is your baby sleeping?

How is your baby eating? How much per day?

Describe your baby’s bowel movements (colour, form, number per day).

Feel free to ask any question to the doctor. It’s better to prepare your notes before the visit. Follow every advice the doctor has for you and your baby. This will ensure your baby grows up happy and healthy.

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