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Checklist before Giving any Medicine to your Child

Checklist before Giving any Medicine to your Child

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Children are more sensitive to medications than adults. A wrong dose or wrong timing in case of even most gentle over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can be harmful or ineffective. Before giving any medicine to your child, make sure that you know following important points:

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Never give medicines to your child without your doctor’s advice. Following exact directions while giving medicines to your child is particularly important for health and safety of your child.

  • First and the foremost, the name of the medicine.
  • The purpose for which the medicine is prescribed.
  • Correct dosage of the medicine. Dose is usually written on the prescription. It should also be printed on the package insert or product label.
  • Timings of the medicine (e.g. how often and at what time).
  • The route of administration of the medicine, like whether it has to be taken by mouth or applied to the skin, etc.
  • Whether it has to be given with food or without food or before or after food.
  • Duration for which the medicine has to be continued.
  • Storage options. You will get to know about it in the instruction leaflet.
  • How to deal with a missed dose.
  • Finally, the most common side-effects.
  • Reactions/side-effects: Find out in advance about possible side-effects of the medicine before you start giving it to your child. Knowing about side-effects in advance will help you deal with them, in case they occur, later on. Usually, common side-effects are mentioned in the instruction leaflet.

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