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 Cesarean Section

Cesarean Section

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What Is Cesarean Section?

Giving birth by means of cesarean section has nowadays become a widely used alternative over a conventional vaginal birth. But initially it was recommended only when there was a slight complication in delivering the baby naturally. It is a surgical technique in which a cut is made in the abdominal wall to extract the baby.

Friday, January 13th, 2017

The cut is generally made along the top most section of the pubic hairline, and the scar generally disappears after healing. A C-section is always performed in an operation theatre.

Sometimes, a Caesarean Section is performed as an emergency measure when the mother is in extreme pain. But in any case your midwife/nurse would stay in constant touch with you to let you know about the steps that need to be taken regarding the delivery. If you have already been provided with an injection then you would require some more of it as a pain relief during the operation or your doctor might give you an anesthetic.

A cesarean section makes the delivery quicker and there is less physical pressure on the mother. A C-section may be essential when the umbilical cord comes out prematurely or it is wrapped somewhere around the baby’s neck. A cesarean section may also be recommended when the mother is suffering from an abnormal or unusually severe labor, hypertension, diabetes, or vaginal herpes. It is also advised when the mother has had cesareans earlier.

What can be the pros and cons of a Cesarean Section?


  • Less Physical Stress:

    Many women opt for a Cesarean section because it involves lesser physical stress as the baby is born out of a surgery.
  • No cuts in the Vagina:

    Unlike the vaginal birth, a C-section requires no cuts on the vagina and therefore it remains fairly tight.
  • Less Pain and Damage:

    It is also believed that during vaginal deliveries, the use of vacuum suction or forceps may result in the damage of the pelvic floor, trauma because of episiotomy and damage of tissue, so expectant moms may prefer a cesarean to avoid these painful and embarrassing conditions.
  • Healthy Baby:

    C-section benefits the baby because it is said that the vaginal births have a greater risk of fetal injury and stress. It is often said that Cesarean babies look more “normal” as compared to the vaginally delivered ones and their skin tone is also better.


  • Risks:

    It is true that C-section has a lot of benefits but at the same time one must not forget that it’s a surgery and it does carry risks.
  • Prolonged Vaginal Bleeding:

    A mother might experience prolonged vaginal bleeding because it is said that Cesareans usually result in almost double the bleeding that happens during the vaginal deliveries.
  • Risk of Infection:

    The risk of uterine tissue infection increases in case of a C-section.
  • Prolonged recovery:

    The mother would require more bed rest and precautions because sometimes they might even experience lack of abdominal strength, blood vessel damage, and complications in the kidney or bladder.

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