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Caring for Your Preterm Baby

Caring for Your Preterm Baby

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So your baby came a little earlier than expected? You must be concerned. However, if you take proper care during the initial few months, your baby will be just as fine as any other baby.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

The earlier your baby arrives, the smaller he/she will be. Although your baby will face many challenges, in time the baby will begin to look like a typical newborn.

Preterm babies need extra care immediately after birth:

  • The baby will be placed immediately in an incubator as preterm babies get cold in normal room temperatures.
  • You can gently touch, hold and cradle your newborn, once your doctor says it’s ok to do so.
  • Participate in caring for your newborn, even while he/she is in the NICU by helping with changing diapers, changing clothes or taking the baby’s temperature, provided the hospital permits it.

Adopt kangaroo method to provide skin-to-skin contact to your baby. This will help your baby sleep long and also help in successful breastfeeding.

The doctors will ensure that all is well with your baby before you are allowed to take the baby home.

Caring for your preterm baby at home can be especially demanding:

  • Some premature babies may require monitors or other equipments at home. Ensure that you know how to handle these equipments
  • You will need to feed your preterm baby more often
  • The baby may also take longer to get adjusted to being at home
  • Ensure that your baby gets plenty of sleep as it is important for growth and development

Make sure you are prepared and trained on how to take care of your baby’s special needs before you take your baby home.

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