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Care for your Toddlers Calcium Needs

Care for your Toddlers Calcium Needs

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Your child has more of calcium in the body than any other mineral. It is present in bones and teeth, and makes them strong. It is also present in blood, muscles and between cells and takes part in muscle contraction, sending messages through the nerves, and release of hormones.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

How much Calcium is Enough?

Adequate calcium is needed by your child for optimum bone health. To make your child’s bones strong, you should provide at least 600 milligrams of calcium daily .

Include these calcium-rich foods in your child’s diet:
1 glass of milk (250 mL) provides 417 mg
1 cheese slice (20 g) provides 144 mg
½ cup curd (50 mL) provides 75 mg
1 tsp sesame seeds (5 g) provides 73 mg

Few Suggestions To Fulfil Your Child’s Calcium Needs Are:

Milk and milk products are good sources of calcium; but there are also other foods, which can be incorporated in the diet to meet the calcium requirements.

Make milk interesting by masking the colour or flavour of the milk with some nutritional powders or fruits.

Sprinkle milk powder on soft fruit pieces.

Add cheese to cooked vegetables.

Mix roasted sesame seeds in porridges or dals.

Vitamin D helps body to absorb calcium. Hence, this nutrient is also vital for fulfilling the calcium needs in your child. Some children may not be able to digest milk. In such cases,
other calcium-rich foods or calcium supplements can be given with doctor’s advice.

Invest in good bone nutrition to your child now and give them strong bones for lifetime!

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