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Capturing Memories of your Child

Capturing Memories of your Child

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As a parent, you would treasure every memory of your child, be it his or her first “mama” or her first drawing or her funny posture while sleeping. Every milestone he or she reaches is a moment of celebration. So, why not capture these special moments in special way?

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Capture a Hand or Foot Print Every Year on Birthdays

What better way to make a wonderful lifetime memory of your child than a hand or foot print. The joy that your child will feel when they grow old by looking back at the tiny little footprints or handprints you took at birth and every birthday will be incomparable.

Capture Memories with Shutterbugs

Capturing memories with a still camera is the most easy and enjoyable way. Sharing pictures of your toddler with family and friends surely doubles your happiness. You may need to be patient enough to take multiple clicks so that you get just the right pose. Recording your baby’s voice and his or her activities and developing a video is your treasure to cherish in future.

Create a Scrapbook

While you use technology to capture memories, make sure you take multiple backups of all photos and videos of your baby, so that you do not end up losing them in case of any computer failure.

Scrapbook, whether store-bought or handmade, will help you to record all the details of your baby’s development. Along with a snap of it, you can decorate it with ribbons, glitters and other colourful background papers to make it more attractive. Scrapbooks are great to hold that first feather your baby caught or a shell that he or she collected from his or her first trip to the beach.

Create a Memory Box

Consider creating a memory box for your child. You can keep all your photo albums, mementoes from trip and other treasured objects,
such as your baby’s first pair of shoes, first report card from the playgroup, picture of his or her first teacher, a strand of hair from his or her first hair cut,etc.

Write a Letter to Your Child on His or Her Birthday

What more valuable can be than your loving words for your child. Make an attempt to write a letter to your baby at least on his or her birthdays to capture emotions and feelings as a parent that even a best of cameras cannot capture. It is a great way to pen down memories that may fade away with time. Preserve your letters in the memory box for your child to cherish for his or her lifetime.

Go ahead … get creative … build a treasure of memories that your baby will be proud to inherit.

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