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Breastfeeding twins

Breastfeeding twins

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Twin babies just double the joy of motherhood but at the same time it is challenging for you to manage them. Even the thought of breastfeeding twins can be intimidating. However, don’t worry. Following are some tips to make breastfeeding twins a breeze:

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Creating a breast-feeding routine: You should make a breastfeeding routine which is suitable for you and your babies. You can breastfed your twins

Creating a routine that best suits your twins’ feeding needs and your family’s activities will help you manage your babies well.

  • Simultaneously - Feeding both babies at same time.
  • Separately on individual demand schedule - Feeding each baby depending on their demand.
  • Separately on a modified demand schedule - In this method one baby is fed on demand and then the other one immediately afterwards.

Alternating the sides: Feeding alternate breast to each baby is recommended for twins. This helps to get balanced stimulation from the different babies and the yield of milk will be same for each babies.

Positions for simultaneous feeding: Double football, double cradle and combination of cradle with football are three common positions for simultaneously breastfeeding for twins.

  • Double football method: It is normally used by new mothers. In this method, each baby’s head is positioned in each of the mother’s hands and each infant’s body should be lying under each of mother’s arms.
  • Double cradle method: It is often used by experienced mothers. In this method, each baby is held like an individual in a cradle position with each of mother’s hand.
  • Combination of cradle with football: This is the combination of two methods where one baby is held in the cradle position and the other one in the football position.

Remember, with the support and guidance of close family members and friends you can successfully nurse your twin babies.

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