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Breastfeeding Tips for Working Mothers

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Going back to work after maternity leave? Are you worried about how to breastfeed your baby?

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

With a little planning before joining work feeding your baby will be an easier experience.

Tips to Provide Breast Milk for your Baby when you are at Work -

Talk About it - Talk to your senior manager or boss about your feeding schedule and work options. If possible, ask them for a private room where you can comfortably and safely express milk.

Expressing Breast Milk - It helps you provide milk for your baby even when you are not around.


For easily expressing milk:
Gently massage your breasts and rub the nipples
Think about your baby, see his/her photo or smell your baby’s clothes


Express breast milk by hand or a quality breast pump.

Practise expressing milk before you resume work, so that you don’t find it difficult once you rejoin work.

Use a fresh breast pump rather than a borrowed pump to avoid microbial contamination from the used pump.

How often you express milk at work will depend on the number of feedings your child will need.

Storing Breast Milk - Store the expressed milk in a sterilised airtight bottle and keep it in a freezer or refrigerator at your work place. Label the bottle with your name
and expressed date.

Feeding your Baby - Inform your family members or childcare provider about the feeding schedule of your baby and the expressed milk. Expressed milk
can be given with a spoon to the baby. Breastfeed your baby before going to and after coming back from work.

With practise, you can surely balance work and home and offer the best nutrition to your baby.

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