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Breastfeeding Special Situations

There may be situations in a mother’s life when you face unusual conditions of breastfeeding. With support and guidance, many mothers are able to nurse their babies under a variety of circumstances.

Here are some special situations that may make breastfeeding more challenging:

C-section deliveries. Nursing in the traditional tummy-tummy position can be painful for mothers after a C-section. If you find this position uncomfortable, try the "football" or "clutch" hold. In this position, you hold your baby’s body on the same side as the breast from which you’re nursing. Her face should be even with your nipple, and her feet should point behind you. Support your baby’s head and shoulders with your forearm (the one on the same side as the baby) and rest your arm on a pillow.

Nursing two. Whether you plan to nurse your baby and a toddler or twins, there are several nursing positions that allow you to nurse them at the same time. Remember, breastfeeding is a matter of supply and demand. As long as your babies are put to the breast, you’ll supply milk.

Pregnancy and nursing. Mothers can nurse one child when pregnant with another. If you continue to nurse through your pregnancy, be sure to eat a well-balanced diet that enables you to gain the recommended weight and get plenty of rest.

Breastfeeding an adopted baby. Induced breastfeeding is possible for mothers of adopted babies. Even if you can’t supply all of your baby’s needs, remember that any amount of breast milk gives your baby many health benefits. As with all babies, monitor your adopted baby’s growth to be sure she is getting all the nutrients she needs.

There is nothing to worry if the breastfeeding situations in your life are not usual. There are solutions to those as discussed above. Follow them and make the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling for both you and your baby.

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