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Breastfeeding after Caesarean Birth

Breastfeeding after Caesarean Birth

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Have you been told by your doctor that you might have a caesarean birth? Wondering how would you breastfeed your baby in case you don’t have a normal delivery? Don’t worry, the method of delivery has nothing to do with your ability to breastfeed.

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Some Challenges and Concerns

  • It may take longer time for your milk supply to increase (just a few days). Do not worry as this is normal, but make sure you inform your doctor about this.
  • The abdominal incision may make it little difficult to find a comfortable breastfeeding position. Ensure to get a comfortable position before you start breastfeeding.
  • You may encounter some pain at the site of incision, however your doctor will give you pain killers to help make you comfortable to breastfeed your newborn.

Experiment with different breastfeeding positions. As your incision heals you will be in a better position to breastfeed comfortably.

Experiment Different Breastfeeding Positions after Caesarean Birth

Certain breastfeeding positions after caesarean birth can be more comfortable to breastfeed your newborn.

Clutch or football hold: Hold your baby at your side, lying on his/her back, with his/her head at the level of your nipple. Place your newborn under the arm supporting his/her head with palms of your hand. This position or the hold helps you to see and control your newborns head and also keep him/her away from your incision.

Side - lying position: Lie on your side with your newborn facing you. Place your newborn close to you so that he/she faces your body. This provides extra rest when you are breastfeeding your newborn.

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