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Breast pumps and expressing for a flexible schedule

Expressing breast milk and storing it for future use is an ideal way for breastfeeding mothers to add some flexibility to their schedules. Doing so allows someone else the opportunity to feed the baby. This is particularly important if you plan to return to work. But you need to know about the right process of expressing and storing the breastmilk.

Here is how to make expressing your milk easier:

Get a breast pump. Breast pumps range from hand pumps to battery-operated units to electric pumps. You need to decide which one will work best for your needs and your budget.

Hand pumps are lightweight, portable and good for occasional pumping

Battery-operated pumps/electric pumps. They are more expensive than hand pumps but can still be relatively lightweight and portable. Milk can be expressed more quickly because the sucking cycle is automatic

Easy-clean is best. When deciding on a breast pump, make sure to purchase one that disassembles so it’s easy to clean. Wash breast pump parts after each use to reduce bacteria risks for your baby.

It is a matter of concern for most mothers to be able to live her individual life while taking care of the right diet of her baby. Especially if you get back to work. Follow the above said pointers and maintain both.

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