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To breast feed or not Health concerns

To breast feed or not Health concerns

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You know that breastfeeding is good for your baby. Yet, a few health concerns and doubts about adequacy of your breast milk might make you wonder whether to breastfeed or not.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Read on to wipe out your concerns and doubts.

Myth 1: Colostrum is bad for the baby.

Fact: Colostrum is thick and concentrated milk, rich in nutrients, growth factors and antibodies. It helps your baby to pass first stools. It is the perfect first food for your baby.

Give a unique gift of breastfeeding to your baby that will leave its imprint on your child’s health for a life time.

Myth 2: Formula milk is as good as breast milk.

Fact: Formula milk can never match up with your breast milk. Breast milk is rich in growth factors, antibodies and vital nutrients in just the right amount and form to promote your baby’s growth.

Myth 3: I may not produce sufficient milk.

Fact: Breast milk is made when your baby suckles on your breast. The more you feed your baby, more milk will be made in your breast. Initially, the breast at least adjusts the milk production according to your baby’s requirements.

Myth 4: I think combination feeding will ensure that my child is getting enough.

Fact: For the first 6 months, your breast milk is just the right food in terms of the quantity and quality. Using formula feeds during this period may lead to overfeeding, reduced breast milk production and increased risk related to formula feed.

Myth 5: I do not see milk coming out till the third day post delivery.

Fact: That is OK; but, it is there in your breast. Initial milk (colostrums) that comes is measured in teaspoons not in milliliters; so, don’t worry. Your breast remains soft for few days post delivery so that your baby will learn to latch on.

Breastfeeding your baby is an investment in your baby’s health for lifetime.  So, go ahead; don’t miss this opportunity to give your baby the best gift ever.

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