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 Breast changes during pregnancy

Breast changes during pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings with it a lot of changes in your body and breast changes are one of them. Your body starts preparing your breast early on in your pregnancy and by the time you have delivered the baby, it is ready for fulfilling its main function of providing nourishment to your baby.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

For many women, tenderness in the breast is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Other changes include tingling sensation in the breast and soreness particularly of the nipples. This is due to increased levels of the female hormone oestrogen in your body.

As pregnancy progresses:

Keep a watch out for breast lumps during pregnancy, if you see any speak to your doctor right away.

  • By about six weeks, your breasts may be noticeably larger. As much as a full cup size or more and it will continue to grow in both size and weight throughout pregnancy. The increase in size is due to the development of the milk ducts within the breast tissue.Your breast may also feel itchy.
  • As your breast grows in size and the skin gets stretched Stretch marks may appear. You might also see that the veins on your breast become more noticeable due to the increased supply of blood to the breast.
  • Nipples also get bigger and darker in color. The areolas (the skin around the nipples) will also become bigger and darker. You might see that the small glands on the surface of the areolas have become raised and bumpy. These bumps produce an oily substance that keeps your nipples from cracking or drying out.

From around the fourth month of pregnancy, you may sometimes find that the breasts are leaking a thick and yellow fluid known as colostrum. This is perfectly normal and you need not worry about it.

You might experience some amount of discomfort however there are ways of dealing with discomfort associated with breast changes.

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