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Bowed Knees What you Must Know

Bowed Knees What you Must Know

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Now that your baby is standing or walking around you realize your baby’s knees are bowed. Wonder if that’s normal? Do you need to be concerned? Read on!

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

What are Bowed Knees?

A child is said to have bowed knees, if the knees do not touch each other on standing with the ankles together.

Bowed knees are common in children under 18 months of age. In fact, most children have bowed knees until they are 2 years old.

How is it Caused?

If you notice that your child has only one bowed leg, an extreme curvature, or a bowed leg that becomes worse after 2 years of age, talk to your paediatrician right away.

Children between 11-18 months of age develop bowed legs because of being in the folded position while in their mother’s womb. Their legs normally become straight by 3 years of age. If the legs do not straighten by this time, the child is considered to be bowlegged.

Other Causes of Bowed Legs are:

Rickets: This disease is caused by deficiency of vitamin D,calcium and phosphorous.

Blount’s disease: An abnormality in the upper part of the shinbone that causes bending of legs. It happens in toddlers and adolescents.

Lead or fluoride poisoning

Incompletely healed fractures.

Abnormal bone development

Should you be Concerned?

Bowed legs may not be painful to the child. But once he or she becomes a teenager, there may be pain due to abnormal stress on the hips, knees or ankles.

Untreated bowed legs may lead to hip or knee arthritis in adolescence.

In toeing - turning in of the feet - occurs frequently in toddlers with bowed legs. This in toeing may cause the child to trip frequently while walking or running.

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