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Boost Up your Toddler’s Development at 3 years

Boost Up your Toddler’s Development at 3 years

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By now your toddler can show range of emotions, dress and undress independently, converse in short 2-3 sentences. Surely, your toddler is a real joy to interact.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Here are some tips to help your child’s development at 3 years.

Take your child to places where he or she can get an opportunity to interact with children of his or her age group, such as parks. Arrange for play dates that can encourage sharing and interacting.

You can try giving your child 2- or 3-
step instructions; for example, go to your room and get the book and the pencil.

Read to your child every day and ask him or her to repeat words after you.

Provide your child with an activity box with crayons, papers, colouring books , etc. Draw, colour with your child.

Play counting games such as counting things around the house, body parts etc.

Hold your child’s hand while climbing up and down stairs. Next you can ask him or her to use the railings while climbing up and down stairs.

At times, if your child is upset, work out to find out the reasons for his or her state and solve it.

Teach your child to express his feelings. For example saying ‘I know you are sad because your favourite toy broke’

Give your child lots of love, encouragement and fun.

Rememeber to

Praise your child for following the rules and punish him or her with a time out if he or she breaks the rules.

Encourage your child while he or she tries to explore the world. However, keep a firm eye on him or her to avoid accidents.

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