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Bonding with Your Baby 6 18 months

As your baby turns 6 months old, the best period to bond and enjoy with your little one has just begun. Your baby has started responding and recognising you and will make attempts to bond with you.

Display your affection

Your little one will always love your hugs and kisses; they will make him or her feel safe and secure. You’ll adore the way your baby learns to hug you back!

Be a playtime partner

Choosing age-appropriate interactive activities with your baby will help him or her bond with you. You’ll enjoy seeing your baby move on from playing peek-a-boo as a 6 month old to playing hide and seek and running after you when he or she turns 18 months old.

Make most of meal and bath times

Meal and bath times are great opportunities for interacting with your baby. Talk and make your baby laugh during these times. As your baby grows, he or she will long to talk to you.

Walk along

Simply crawl or walk along with your baby. He or she will be amused at your attempts to do so. In this way, you’ll enjoy and bond with your baby at every stage.

Bonding is a slow and continuous process. Spending quality time with your baby will encourage him or her to rely on you and feel protected with you.

Talk and Listen

Communication is the key to bonding. Talk to your little one. Your baby will reciprocate by squealing or saying words such as ‘dada’ or ‘mama’. Talking helps your child understand the surroundings and assures him or her that mama will be there to understand and explain things. Encourage your child to speak, and listen to his or her demands patiently.

Bedtime bonding

Bedtime is the best time of the day to bond. After finishing your work, cuddle up with your baby and narrate stories, show picture books, sing a lullaby, and kiss your baby goodnight.

Be there when your baby falls

Your baby needs you the most when he or she is hurt mentally or physically. Pacify your baby by hugging him or her - it helps build your baby’s confidence in you.

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