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Bonding with the Baby

Bonding with the Baby

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All mothers love their little ones unconditionally. However, amidst the daily chaos of life, simple things that help create a special bond between you and your baby may get overlooked.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Take special efforts to bond with your baby to make him or her feel secure and confident.

Here are Ways to Strengthen the Bond Between

You and your Baby:

As a toddler’s mom you need loads of patience to bond with your baby. You need to ensure your toddler occupies top place in the priority list even if you are overworked.

  • Talk to your toddler while doing simple routine things like giving bath, massaging, and dressing up the baby.

  • Spend at least one hour quality time with your child every day - away from TV, phones and other routine work.
  • Go for regular outings in the children’s park , take the little one to nearby market.
  • Play imitation games to unwind and bond with the child.
  • Listen attentively to your baby. Respond to your baby’s curiosities and queries with patience and promptness.
  • Appreciate little efforts like scribbling, colouring, or helping you with small tasks.
    This will help build your baby’s confidence.
  • Never scold your baby in front of anyone as your baby can feel humiliated. Such behaviours can deter the trust child places in you.
  • Play imaginary or pretend games with your baby.
  • Narrate bedtime stories and cuddle often with you baby.
  • Ensure to make an eye contact with your child when you talk to her. It will make her feel important while conveying your message more effectively.
  • A mother’s soothing touch comforts a child unfailingly.
  • When your little one falls or is hurt, make sure to hug & pacify her, this reassures the baby that mom is always there to help around in difficulties times.

A little help from your family members not only makes baby care easy but also build a family bond.

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