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 Being Mentally Prepared for Pregnancy

Being Mentally Prepared for Pregnancy

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Planning for a baby is the biggest change in your life. Motherhood is highly demanding, not just physically but also mentally. So, while you prepare your body for pregnancy, do not ignore your mental health.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

When you are planning to get pregnant, it is natural to feel, anxious, worried or concerned about even small things at times. However, if you feel that you are not able to manage your emotions, feeling depressed and it is affecting your daily activities, then you should consult a doctor.

Taking 15 minutes of me-time every day, going for a walk or calling a friend, etc can help you to reduce stress in your life.

Having mental health problems before pregnancy can make you more vulnerable during pregnancy, or in the first year after giving birth

Things that might Help You to be Mentally Fit

Make sure you have a healthy daily routine. Doing certain things might help you to be mentally fit, which include:

Love yourself

Loving yourself and keeping a positive attitude in life.

Nourish your body

Eating a well-balanced diet  helps increase your energy level, uplifts your mood and helps you to stay physically fit.

Be active

Getting physically active can be a real stress buster. You need not hit the gym for it. Activities like gardening, dancing also come under physical activity. When you get physically active, your body releases a hormone called endorphins ‘the feel good hormone’, which can help relieve stress and improve your mood.

Be a sleeping beauty

Sleeping adequately and taking proper rest: A good sleep is important to keep you mentally fit and fine. See your doctor if you have trouble sleeping.

Handle stress well

Take some timeoff from your busy schedule to indulge in your favourite hobby such as painting, reading a book or listening to music can help you reduce and manage stress.

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