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Behavioral Growth through Discipline

Behavioral Growth through Discipline

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All mothers know that it is much easier to permit your two year old to watch an extra hour of TV than handling his/her tantrums. Introducing the concept of discipline in toddlers is a tough task and requires loads of patience.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

How Does Discipline Help in Behavioural growth?

Disciplining your child can inculcate self control which will help him:

Discipline must not be equated with punishment. Never resort to spanking your child as it reduces the trust child places in you.

Fit appropriately in the outside world,

Stay away from dangers,

Become assertive not aggressive,

To be more considerate to others needs

Postpone his pleasures for something more important.

How can you ensure discipline in your toddler?

Moms need to be firm but kind to their little ones.

A gentle “no” sends a message to your toddler. But as the child grows older he might want to do exactly the same thing either out of curiosity or for seeking attention.

Set reasonable limits, for e.g. allow your child to watch TV for specific time everyday instead of saying absolute "no".

Rewarding good behaviour also encourages the toddler to follow the rules of the house.

Avoid punishing young toddlers (below 2 years). Distracting the child from a possible challenging situation is the best strategy to follow. Giving long explanation or time out techniques should be avoided in children below 2 years.

“Time –Out” method can be initiated for toddlers above 2 years of age.

Simple and short explanations and diverting from place or subject usually works fine for late toddlers.

Never laugh at your child’s mistakes as it will encourage him/her to repeat them.

For effective discipline ensuring proper child proofing of the house is important.

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