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Bedtime Troubles in Toddlers

Bedtime Troubles in Toddlers

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Are you facing bedtime troubles with your toddler just like other parents? Kids of this age often resist going to bed and parents find it difficult to make them sleep. This problem not only results sleepless nights for you but also induces stress in to your life.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Sleep is very important for your toddler as inadequate sleep can impact your child’s:

You may get upset if your toddler keeps you awake at night. Be kind and understanding. Negative response will make bed time troubles get worse.

Cognitive development


Health outcome

Overall quality of life.

Bedtime troubles can also affect parental and family functioning.

Tips: However, don’t worry! You can handle bedtime troubles by following these tips to ensure your kid gets sound sleep:

Set a routine bedtime routine: Create a daily bedtime for your kid and try to stick to the same time every night. This habit helps your child to develop healthy sleeping patterns.

Practise calm and enjoyable activities: Setting up calm and enjoyable activities like reading stories, listening quiet music or giving a bath before bedtime motivate your child to get ready for bed.

Create soothing bedroom environment: Bedroom environment should be cool, dark and comfortable for sleeping. Watching television or using any other screen time (iPad, smart phones, etc) inside the bedroom is strictly no.

Ensure that your child’s comfortable before he or she gets to bed: Try to manage your child’s needs before going to bed otherwise it might disturb his or her sleep. For example, getting him or her to use the toilet before sleeping will reduce the mid-night wake-up call to use the toilet.

Patience and persistence: It takes time to develop good sleep habits. Be firm to the bedtime routine and don’t give up easily.

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