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Beat the Heat How to Keep Your Baby Cool

Beat the Heat How to Keep Your Baby Cool

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Keeping your baby cool and preventing her from heat injuries during the blazing hot summer days may seem a bit challenging at times. It is easier to monitor and manage the body temperature of your baby while she is awake. During hot weather the temperatures may soar higher than the optimum comfortable temperature for the baby to sleep. This may cause overheating of the baby’s body temperature.

Monday, March 27th, 2017

There are numerous ways to beat the heat and keep your baby cool. Following certain tips can help you keep your baby cool while she is asleep.

Choose the coolest room. Choose the coolest room in the house for your baby to sleep.

Keep the bed tidy. Take care of your baby’s bed. Keep it neat and tidy. Remove any extra bedding.

Comfortable night dress. Dressing your baby for sleep is important. Even if your baby’s room is air-conditioned, don’t overdress the baby. Along with that, a cotton sheet suffices for her sleep.

Adjust the room temperature. Keeping the room temperature at an optimum of 240C helps your baby to sleep comfortably.

Remove paddings. If your baby sleeps in a cot, remove the paddings to allow air circulation.

Keep the room well ventilated. If you do not use air conditioners, keep the windows open during morning and evening in order to allow ventilation as the weather is comparatively cooler during those times. At the same time remember to keep those panes closed during the hot noon and afternoons.

Use khus mesh or chiks. You can hang wet towels, sheets, khus mesh or chiks to cool the air that is entering the room.

Ensure air circulation. Switch on the fan before taking your baby to bed. This allows air circulation in the room which in turn makes the room much cooler. However, be careful to place your baby at a sleeping position where the fan is not direct.

Remove plastic sheets. If your baby sleeps in a cloth nappy and you use plastic sheets under her, remove it during the hot weather. This is because waterproof plastic sheets do not allow perspiration to evaporate, thus causing the body temperature to rise. In case you do not want to remove the plastic sheet, cover it with several layers of cotton sheets. However, fix the sheets tightly so that they do not get disarranged and cause discomfort while the baby tosses and turns in the bed.

Do not leave your baby unattended. If you aretaking your baby along with you for a short walk outside in a pram or car, be sure that you do not leave her sleeping in the pram or car.

Bathing cools. Giving bath to your baby before putting her to sleep can be a smart idea. This helps to keep her cool for longer hours. Naturally this ensures more comfortable sleeping hours.

Check your baby’s temperature. As a precautionary measure, while your baby is sleeping during the night, check her body temperature twice or thrice. If you find any sign of rising temperature, don’t overlook it. Remove the sheets and also the vest, if possible.

Keep your house airy. Keep your house well ventilated and airy. This ensures that the rooms remain cool, thus allowing better sleep for your baby.

Keep your baby’s sleeping room cool and well ventilated. Ensure that the air passes through it properly. In addition make sure that your baby’s bed and her night dresses are comfortable. These measures ensure a comfortable sleep for your baby, even during the blazing hot summer.

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