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Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Proofing Your Home

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Now your baby has arrived. In no time, your baby will be all around the place. It is time for you to start baby proofing your home if you have not done already. Thinking ahead and planning before will help you make your house safe for your baby.

Monday, March 27th, 2017

For the initial few months:

  • As a newborn your baby has limited access to unsafe things around the house. However, things that can come in contact with your baby during 1st six months of life include a crib/bed, baby toys, baby clothes, baby cosmetics, bath accessories, pillows etc.
  • Ensure that furniture in your baby’s room does not have sharp edges.
  • Try and keep all the furniture and accessories to the minimum required as most of the time you will be carrying the baby around with all your attention on the baby. There are chances that you may trip over anything that is wrongly placed in the room.
  • Ensure there is enough space to move around so that there is no obstruction in the movement.
  • Ensure all baby toys are safe and do not impose any choking hazards.
  • Keep away baby cosmetics so that there are no accidental spills near baby.
  • No soft pillows, stuff toys or quilts around baby’s bed as these can cause sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Watch out for buttons, sequins on your clothing as well as jewellery and cosmetics that you wear. These may also impose risk of choking to you baby.

Avoid furry blankets or clothing with furry collars as the fine fibers come off easily and can be inhaled by your babies.

Here are some other baby proofing precautions that you need to take:

  • To prevent your child from getting an electric shock use outlet covers and plugs to cover all unused electrical sockets. Move furniture or other electronics
    to hide chords.
  • Use corner and edge guard or protective padding to cover sharp edges and corners of dining table and other pointed furniture. This will protect your 
    child from getting hurt if he or she falls against them.
  • Use anchors or brackets to secure heavy objects like bookcases or TVs so that they cannot be pulled down on top of your child.
  • Do keep your family pet out of your child’s reach. It is also a safe idea to keep all your houseplants away. Some plants are poisonous and may 
    harm your child and make him or her sick.
  • Keep your baby’s unused cosmetics and yours in a different place so that it does not get mixed with your baby’s cosmetics.
  • Remember to baby proof your kitchen and bathroom as well. If not immediately, very soon your baby will crawl his way into these rooms as well.

Be vigilant! Be safe!!

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