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Baby Blues How to tackle it

Baby Blues How to tackle it

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Your baby is just born and your mood swings are continuing. You are feeling happy and snappy within minutes. The feeling of depression, difficulty in concentration and loss of appetite are all there. Sleep is still eluding you even when your baby, lying just beside you, is fast asleep. Don’t worry, if you are a new mother and experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be going through baby blues, a very common occurrence.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Baby blues don’t last long. Usually these symptoms start about three to four days after the delivery and go away after about ten days. However, some mothers experience slightly more severe symptoms that last longer than a few days. This is called postpartum depression. Soon after the delivery, you may feel extremely happy and special.  However, just a couple of days after the delivery, you may begin to feel tormented and depressed. This symptom generally strikes by the 3rd day after the child-birth and is called ‘third day blues’.

Hormone levels, fatigue make you snappy.  Hormonal changes affect your emotional state. The physical fatigue and the seemingly unending demands of the baby add to this. All these make you wonder whether you are able to handle all of it. In turn, making you feel emotionally volatile and feeling a bit anguished.

First time mothers are more prone to it. Baby blues generally strike the first-time mothers. In the subsequent deliveries, their prior experience helps them to sail through and makes them potentially less vulnerable.

The discomforts of the early puerperium (early post partium period) and fear that you have become less attractive add to the problem.

Need for emotional support. At the same time as the baby blues strike (3-4 days post delivery), breast milk also begins to come in. This increases the physical discomfort for the mother and is likely to worsen the baby blues. It is easier to go through this phase if your partner and family provide the necessary emotional support.

Matter of a couple of weeks. The period of the baby blues usually gets resolved naturally within a couple of weeks. As you begin to recover physically, your hormone levels also begin to settle down. You begin to recognize the ways of relaxing your body, understand the needs of the baby and learn breastfeeding to satisfy your baby. By now you are also assured of the emotional support from your partner and family.

Let your emotions go. Just someone listening to you and reassuring you that this is just a passing phase makes you feel a lot better. Mothers who have the blues must be allowed to cry and express their fluctuating emotions if they want to. If they feel miserable they must not be told to pull themselves together.

Post natal depression. However, sometimes the recovery from baby blues may not be complete and the post natal depression may continue for a longer period. Don’t worry though, it’s a rather rare phenomenon.

Symptoms of baby blues

Almost all the traits of baby blues are different forms of mood swings. It can just be a mild depression. Or you may feel ultra emotional, tearful for no apparent reason, and upset. You may find yourself being tense, anxious, and constantly worrying about very minor problems and feel that having a cheery state of mind is next to impossible. There can also be times when you feel pain or a sense of un-wellness without absolutely any reason. Feeling tired and lethargic is also possible.

As a final word, don’t worry. May be your mind is trying to adjust to this new phase of life. May be you have already grown a physical as well as an emotional attachment to the baby. It’s just a passing phase in any case.

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