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Baby Bites While Breastfeeding

Baby Bites While Breastfeeding

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Babies usually like to play with mothers nipple while breastfeeding without any intention of hurting her. Initially, babies play with their gums. However, once teething starts, a baby might bite, not knowing biting can hurt mom.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Things that might Tell You that Your Baby is about to Bite

You may know that your baby is about to bite when you see that

  • He or she seems to be satisfied with feeding and have started to pull away from the breast.
  • He or she has started moving away from feeding to playing. In such situation, remove your baby from the breast before he or she gets a chance to bite.

If your baby bites while breastfeeding, you can reduce biting by offering him or her something hard and cold to chew such as a teething toy or a ring before feeding.

Recognising the signs might help you to avoid a bite.

What can be Done to Stop Biting

To stop your baby from biting, you break the suction1 by putting your finger into the corner of your baby’s mouth and take him or her off your breast with a firm “No.” React calmly and don’t shout or yell at him or her as it might scare your baby.

Others things that you can do to reduce biting are

  • Unlatch your baby from the breast so that your baby knows that biting while feeding is not acceptable to mommy. Remember not to laugh as your baby will not know that this is done to stop him or her from continuing the activity.
  • To show that biting brings a negative consequence, put your baby down for a moment. Pick your baby after sometime to give comfort.

Whenever your baby feeds without biting, encourage this by praising him or her with a hug or a kiss.

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