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 Assisted Pregnancy Medications

Assisted Pregnancy Medications

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After several failed attempts to conceive naturally, your doctor may put you and or your partner on certain medications, depending on where the problem lies.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Infertility may be caused by a variety of problems in you or your partner. In women, mostly the problem lies with ovulation (release of an egg in every menstrual cycle), blocked fallopian tubes (where the egg and sperm meet for fertilization), or physical problems with the uterus. Low sperm quality and number could be responsible for male infertlity.

Here are A Few Medicines That Your Doctor May Prescribe To Treat Infertility Problem in you.

Generic Name


Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Injections

Directly acts on your ovaries to stimulate egg release from their casing called a follicle.

Clomiphene Citrate tablets

Stimulates the glands that signal secretion of more follicle stimulating hormones. FSH directly stimulates your ovaries for egg release or ovulation.

Human Menopausal gonadotropin or hMG Injections

Directly acts on your ovaries to release an egg

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Gn-RH) analog Injections or Nasal Spray

Given to regulate the timing of egg release in your body, according to the requirement of the scheduled procedure, for example, according to the scheduled dates of egg pickup in IVF treatment

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Injections

Aids in ovulation 36 hrs after administration

Metformin Tablets

Used if you have Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS)/insulin resistance. This drug lowers male hormone levels in your body, thus stimulates ovulation.

Bromocriptine, Dopamine Agonists Tablets

Given if your ovulation problems are due to high prolactin (milk producing hormone) levels. High prolactin levels inhibit ovulation.

Assisted pregnancies have high chance of having twins or multiple births. This in turn can increase your risk of premature birth. Ensure you have easy access to medical help in case of any unforeseen emergency.

Are There Any Side Effects Of These Medicines?

Yes, these medications may have side effects such as multiple births, headache, blurred vision, mood swings, depression, preterm delivery, miscarriages etc.
Your doctor will prescribe a suitable amount and type of medications to suit your case.

Medications to Treat Male Infertility

You partner may be prescribed antibiotics to clear out infections, if there are any. He may need a surgery in case infertility is due to enlarged testicles, or any
block in his reproductive system, which prevents entry of sperms in his ejaculate.

Discuss the side effects of the assisted pregnancy medications prescribed to you with your doctor. Stay relaxed, trust your doctor and hope for the best!

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