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Are You and Your Husband Ready for a Baby

Are You and Your Husband Ready for a Baby

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This is a common question you often come across. If you are planning for a baby, you and your husband have to be physically fit, as preconception health is crucial for the future of your baby.

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Preconception check up identifies your current health condition and, thereby, helps improve your chance of getting pregnant.

When you are planning to conceive, take 400 mcg of folic acid supplement after consulting with your doctor, as folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects in your baby.

Physical Fitness

Certain diseases and lifestyle habits can reduce the possibility of conceiving and can also affect your child. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital; as 
being overweight or underweight can affect your fertility. Physical activity and exercise play a key role in achieving the healthy weight.

If you are planning for pregnancy, you must be screened for diabetes and thyroid. Increased blood glucose levels can be dangerous in the 
early stage of pregnancy. Thyroid disorder starts in some women before pregnancy and this disorder can increase the risk for mother as well as baby.

Role of your Husband

Your husband’s health is also important when you are planning to have a baby. Sperm count can be affected due to certain factors, such as diabetes, heavy alcohol intake, use of abusive drugs, smoking, kidney disease, hormone problems, radiation therapy, etc. Apart from all these, obesity can also result in male infertility. Encourage your husband to lead a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, restrict alcohol and quit smoking, in case he has these habits.

Genetic Disorder

Genetic counselling can give information about birth defect, chromosomal disorder, cancer, inherited disorder, etc. Hence, it is always better to know about both of your family histories and to go for a genetic counselling to give birth to a healthy baby.

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