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5 tips to help your baby sleep

5 tips to help your baby sleep

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During your baby’s initial days, there are several situations that you may face. Including her erratic sleeping habit. If your baby is an irregular sleeper, here are several ways you can help her sleep as well as learn that night time is sleeping time.

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Tips to help her sleep!

Make sure your baby is warm enough. Babies’ tiny bodies don’t conserve heat very well, and a chilly baby will have difficulty falling or staying asleep. Dress her in pajamas with feet and long sleeves to prevent her from becoming chilled.

Keep the shades down and the house quiet in the evenings. Give your baby the message that night-time is for sleeping. If you have other children, make sure they know to play quietly when the baby is sleeping.

Keep the lights low and noise to a minimum during nighttime feedings. If you sing or talk to your baby during late feedings, speak in a whisper and sing in low, soothing tones.

Don’t rush in at every little sound. Babies’ sleep is naturally restless, with many minor awakenings. If left alone, many babies will lapse back into sleep.

Avoid late-night diaper changes. Changing a diaper is often just enough to rouse your baby from sleepy to alert. To keep your baby comfortable and dry without late-night changes, use ultra-absorbent disposable diapers or two cloth diapers during nighttime hours.

Provide her with care and comfort!

Do not get worried if your baby doesn’t follow a regular sleep pattern. It is quite common in babies. Just follow the right steps and help her be herself. This is the best way to keep her smiling!

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